#1692 "The Darkest Hour". Original refractured acrylic painting on wraparound panel about 2" deep. 40"x30". $1,200. The following Shakespearean sonnet is written for and painted into the painting:
They say the darkest hour's before the dawn
yet that's the separate hour the Romans knew
was set aside, not day or night, but one
where sun starts blotting stars, the sky deep blue.
Mariners raise their sextant to navigate
celestial markers against the ocean's bounds.
Those who know the beauty of dawn just wait
for when that first morsel of light surrounds
their place on earth. The planet turns this side
to day. Sky scatters a smudge of spectrum's rays,
paints canvas with deep hues, tomorrow's guide
bespeckled with clouds, an artwork to amaze.
This hour is not the darkest, it will stun
those who will rise an hour before the sun.